6 Guiding Principles

Clinical Operation Solutions - 6 Guiding Principles

Through innovative methods and unwavering commitment to each Learner’s success, we support the organization in empowering nurses to continually improve quality of patient care, effectiveness and efficiency of the practice environment, and the quality of their own lives. 

  1. Evidence-Based Curriculum
  2. Maximum Flexibility and Mobility
  3. Cost-Effective Education
  4. Respect for the Adult Learner
  5. Hospital-COS Partnerships
  6. Availability of Real-Time Data

Principles in ACTION

Evidence-Based Curriculum Customized for Your Hospital


COS evidence-based curriculum reflects current research and our own experience with nursing staff.  It is customized to achieve maximum benefit for patient, staff, and hospital.


Each course of study is consistent with the on-going work of the Institute of Medicine (now the Health and Medicine Division); the Joint Commission; National Council of State Boards of Nursing; and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

All content can be customized for the

individual hospital’s needs.

Our programs are structured to achieve 

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health recommendations to:

  • Implement transition-to-practice programs
  • Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning
  • Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health

Based on the 2015 report, Assessing Progress on the IOM Report The Future of Nursing and to support the work of the Action Coalitions, our program qualities and course content are designed to achieve maximum benefit for the patient, the staff, and the hospital.

Our experts in each concept and practice area create and maintain all subject matter. Research and practice literature are reviewed continually as are regulatory and accrediting literature. Program material is updated as indicated by these reviews with a complete review and revision  biennially.  

Maximum Flexibility and Mobility Cloud-Based + Onsite Learning


COS Cloud-Based Platform provides flexibility in time, pace, path, and place of learning. 

Coupled with structured hands-on experience, COS Programs ensure a meaningful learning experience.  


Clinical Operation Solutions teaching 

methods are based on principles of 

Adult Learning and a Systems approach to Instructional Design. 

To engage today’s Learners, we employ Blended Learning which emphasizes an extensive use of technology that enables flexibility in time, pace, path, and place.  

Brightspace, our cloud-based learning platform, is the industry powerhouse in digital learning. 

With this technology, we are able to offer our unique  Clinical Skill Validation & Bedside Skill Sign.

Our teaching methods include:

  • Online Learning Modules
  • Virtual Simulation
  • Competency Validation
  • Bedside Skill Sign-Off
  • Email Coaching
  • Cohort Conferences
  • Journaling
  • Cross-Departmental Experience
  • Tracking, Trending and Feedback
  • Clinical Leadership / Quality Improvement Project

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Cost-Effective Education ........................................


Your hospital’s scarce nursing resources can focus on providing patient care while COS faculty and subject and clinical practice experts focus on developing and maintaining current best-practice education for your nursing staff.


Hospital-COS Partnerships build Effective-Efficient Education Solutions. 

COS leadership have served in the roles of executive, front-line manager, educator, and staff nurse in hospitals across the country.  

We know the daily struggles of providing high quality care in a resource-strapped environment.

Based on our understanding of the complexity of the healthcare system and the needs of the people who work in it, we have chosen methods and platforms that support blended learning for maximum flexibility and hospital partnering for maximum effectiveness. 

We partner with each hospital to develop the right program, at the right time, for the specific population of nurses, providers, and patients. 

Since all healthcare systems strive for best practice, much of our content is consistent across hospitals. That content is supplemented by the specific hospital’s approach, policies, protocols and current issues and goals. 

COS provides programs that are focused, delivered efficiently, and are cost effective. Blending online digital media and online faculty with traditional onsite methods, allows the hospital’s scarce nursing resources to focus on providing patient care while COS Subject Matter Experts and Clinical Practice Experts focus on developing and maintaining current best-practice education for those nurses. 


Respect for the Adult Learner Flexibility in Time, Pace and Place


Multiple formats are used to meet the needs of adult learners: visual, auditory, and sensory in group settings and self-study. Nurses can manage their own pace for module completion. 


RNs are busy adults who juggle many life demands. They appreciate flexibility in where and when they learn. 

COS courses have time tracking capability so the hospital may allow both at work and off work education module completion. 

Since adults learn in different ways, each module presents the same material in a variety of formats for visual, auditory and sensory learners. 

COS Programs have both interpersonal and intrapersonal components to match the needs of the social learner, who learns best in groups, and the solitary learner, who learns best in self-study.  

Hospital-COS Partnerships Creating Unique Programs


A COS Executive  partners with each Hospital Team to create the most effective programs for that hospital. 

COS Faculty Coaches are available to every RN to interact with and guide the nurse throughout the program.  


The COS Team for each hospital consists of the COS Executive and COS Faculty Coaches. 

Every Learner is assigned a COS Faculty Coach who is responsible for interacting with and guiding the Learner throughout the Program. 

The COS Faculty Coach partners with the Onsite Coordinator, Manager, Preceptor and/or Mentor to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

Brightspace, the industry's leading-edge learning management system, has partnered with COS to create a unique cloud-based learning platform.  Using this platform, a COS Faculty Coach is available to help the nurse successfully complete each assigned Module, Simulation, Competency and experience. 

They interact with the nurse in a variety of settings including Cohort Meetings, Virtual Office Hours and email communications.

The COS Executive works with the hospital’s leadership team to ensure successful programs. Quarterly meetings, either web-based or onsite, are scheduled to review Program status. The COS Executive is always available for hospital leadership and additional meetings are scheduled as needed.

Availability of Real-Time Data Dashboards Drive Action


Promptly identify and correct problems and celebrate wins with real-time data.   

COS Dashboards track and trend progress and outcomes for individuals and the Program.


Real-time Program and Learner-specific data are available in the form of dashboards that track and trend progress and outcomes.

Learner problems can be identified promptly so interventions can occur with the Learner to ensure successful progress. 

Availability of real-time data also encourages recognition and celebration of Learner successes throughout the Program. This is particularly important in the Transition-to-Practice Programs when newly hired nurses are acclimating to the hospital’s culture. 

COS works with hospital leadership, utilizing their specific process and outcome data, as well as data from similar hospitals, to shape future programs based on trends over time.