develop a HIghly competent RN Workforce

RN Transition-To-Practice Programs


Structured to bridge the gap from current practice to a new practice setting.   

Encourage growth opportunities in your hospital. 

Improve RN Recruitment & Retention

Improve  Staff Resiliency and Satisfaction

Decrease Overtime & Bonus Pay

Decrease Dependency on Contract Labor

Improve the Quality of Patient Care

New Grad Transitional Residency & Professional Apprenticeship Programs


The New Graduate Transitional Residency Program (NGTRP) &

Professional Apprenticeship Program (NGPAP) 

are structured to bridge the gap from the academic experience to the practice setting.  

Designed to support the new graduate's transition from novice to competent, professional nurse.

On the job training in the hospital's systems, technology, practices and culture.

Improve confidence and competence

Ease transition from classroom to bedside


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New Graduate Transitional Residency &

New Graduate Professional Apprenticeship

Expert Nurse Development Programs


Structured to maintain best practice and enhance each nurse's chosen career path to expert nurse.

Combat the nursing shortage in many specialties by inhouse development of your own nursing staff

Preceptor & Mentor